Effective communication


Effective communication

We learn to communicate early in life from those around us, throw in some life experience for good measure and this is how we develop our communication style. Depending on if these life experiences were positive or not, will affect how we continue to communicate with those around us.

You may have experienced this in your place of work. If you have a team of people working with you, does each member of the team respond exactly the same to the same piece of information given?

I’m not talking about a process led instruction here. I’m talking about an emotional or behavioural response.

Unless you are working with robots, I will take it that your answer will be no.

If you have ever implemented any change within your organisation, I imagine you will have experienced this. Many people welcoming change whilst others maybe be scared and negative of what these changes will bring.

Understanding your own communication and learning style, will help you communicate much more effectively with all members of your team. Even if you all have communication different styles and behavioural difference, once you aware of these, you can adapt.

Good communication leads to great team work, which will create happy employees and an overall good feeling of wellbeing within your organisation.

If you would like to learn about your communication style and how to make improvements and change within your organisation please get in touch.

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