How to prevent burnout


How to prevent burnout

Are you guilty of the following:

  • Taking too much on.
  • Saying yes to everything because you fear that your letting people down.
  • Prioritising others above yourself.

There will be times throughout your life that you do all of the above(most of us) but this can become a real problem if we do this consistently and continuously.

To prevent burn out we all need to set personal and professional boundaries:
Some pointers below may help you with this if you struggle with setting those boundaries and feel compelled to be a slave to the guilt of your unconscious.

• Switch off phone/laptop or any other digital device
• If WHF, be strict with yourself – switch your lap top off at 6pm(or whatever time works for you). But have a time in mind and stick to it.

I’m an early riser and prefer to work on my laptop 6am - 2pm when I’m at my best. If you get to choose, what times are you at your best, then block this out of your diary and show up as the best version of yourself then.

Minimise distractions - don’t be tempted to do things around the house just because you are there. If you need to or must, set 30 mins or an hour aside when you can go do everything to help maintain your focus.

Go for a walk every day to ensure you are getting some fresh air. Even if this is 15-20 mins, it helps the mind reset and encourages creative flow. If you have a congested mind you can become stuck and unproductive.

If managing your workload is becoming a challenge, speak up. If you have a line manager or a direct report, book in some time and let them know.

If you are self-employed, having a sounding board or a mentor can be key to maintaining workload and focus. If you need help with this please get in touch...

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